Kristiyan Kovachev


Working region: Municipality of Simitli

Rout services:
1. "Topos of the Faith"
The rout include St Demetrius Church, village of Brezhani - The megalithic stone sanctuary “St. Mina”, Mechkul village - Church "St. St. Peter and Paul ", Mechkul village.
2. "The Rocks Remember"
The tourist route is focused mainly on the majestic rock formations Komatinski rocks - on the rock sanctuary at the foot of the rocks and the individual rock formations, reminiscent of the local population, different folk culture heroes.

Interests: history, cultural and historical heritage, spiritual culture, visual culture, Middle Ages, collective memory

Profession: PhD student

Additional information: For individual visits - the tour guide has a personal vehicle

Languages: Bulgarian, English (Basic)

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